The Annual Saint Catherine Greek Festival has been held every year since 1975 by the Saint Catherine Community as the main fundraiser for the Greek Orthodox Church in West Palm Beach.

The Greek Fest also serves as a way for the Saint Catherine Greek Orthodox community to share their Greek culture and Orthodox faith with the West Palm Beach community.

Greek Kitchen

The Greek Fest offers authentic Greek food in the main kitchen which is homemade and prepared by Greek chefs and restaurateurs who are retired parishioners of Saint Catherine or own local Greek Restaurants.   The Greek Kitchen includes some favorite Greek dishes such as Moussaka, Leg of Lamb with Orzo, Greek Lemon Chicken, Stuffed Peppers “Gemista”, Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), Spanakopita (spinach pie), and Greek Salad.

Greek Grill

The outdoor Greek Grill includes the all popular Gyro, Chicken and Pork Souvlaki, Saganaki (flaming Greek cheese), and Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken.  The food is made fresh to order and is delicious!

Greek Tavern

The Greek Tavern or Taverna (Bar) offers imported Greek Wine from different regions of Greece including Macedonia, Crete, and Santorini, as well as imported Greek Beer like the popular Mythos and Fix Hellas.

The Taverna also serves Metaxa Greek Brandy and the all popular Ouzo.  Ouzo is made from distilled rectified spirits and tastes similar to other anise liquors such as sambuca and rakı.  Ouzo is usually mixed with water, becoming cloudy white and served with ice cubes in a small glass. Ouzo can also be drunk straight from a shot glass, Opa!

Greek Pastries & Desserts

Greek Bakery

The Greek Bakery at the West Palm Beach Greek Fest has every Greek pastry you can imagine from the very popular Baklava to Karidopita (walnut cake), Koulourakia (butter cookies), Melomakarona (honey cookies), Kourambiedes (almond butter cookies with white powdered sugar), and Diples (fried dough with honey).

Loukoumades Stand

Separate from the Greek Bakery is the Loukoumades Stand which bakes fresh Loukoumades (Greek honey donuts). Loukoumades are made with dough and fried until golden and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  They are served with honey syrup, cinnamon, and sprinkled with nuts.  Also at the Loukoumades Stand you will find the very popular Baklava Sundae - vanilla ice cream covered with Baklava crumbles of fried filo dough, nuts, and honey syrup…delicious!

Greek Coffee Shop “Kafenio”

You can pair any of these pastries with a Greek coffee or Frappe (Greek iced coffee made from spray-dried instant coffee, water, sugar, and milk.  The Coffee Shop (Kafenio) also offers Greek yogurt with honey, rice pudding, and other surprise desserts.


Greek Band

For entertainment, the Greek Fest offers a Live Greek Band playing popular Greek music such as Sirtaki (Zorba’s Dance), and modern Greek hits, with Bouzouki and Clarinete.  You can get up and dance and there are Free Greek Dance Lessons periodically throughout the weekend.

Greek Folk Dance Performances

All weekend long the Heart of Greece Dance Group and the award winning Hellenic Dance Festival Competition Team - Athanato Fos will be performing Greek folk dances from various regions of Greece including Macedonia, Crete, Pontos, Epirus, and Aegean Islands.  The groups will perform in traditional Greek costumes that are made in Greece and correspond to each region.  These performances are must see and will take place on the main hall stage and outside under the main tent.  See entertainment schedule for times [link to schedule].



The Greek Fest includes vendors selling imported Greek jewelry, boutiques, arts and crafts, Greek paintings, Byzantine icons, and much more…shop as if you are in Greece with many unique items found only at the Greek festivals or Greece.

Greek Grocery

The Greek Grocery sells a variety of Greek food items to take home, including Greek olive oil, Kalamata Olives, Greek honey, Greek yogurt, filo, pita bread, and much more.

Church Tours

Tour the beautiful Saint Catherine Greek Orthodox Church built in 1959 with original iconography and Byzantine architecture.  Father Andrew Maginas will be conducting church tours periodically throughout the weekend.

The Annual Greek Festival - Greek Food & Wine Fest is located at:

Saint Catherine Greek Festival
110 Southern Boulevard,
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
(corner of Southern Blvd. & Flagler Drive in West Palm Beach)

The 2024 Greek Fest dates and times: Friday, February 16th from 12 noon to 11 pm, Saturday, February 17th from 11 am to 11 pm, and Sunday, February 18th from 12 noon to closing.